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Founded in 1994, RMM Dasong is a leading corrugating roll manufacturer and the primary supplier for Asian corrugators such as MHI, HSIEH, HSU, LMC, K&H, WESTRIVER and others.  RMM also has significant presence with European corrugators such as BHS, AGNATI, FOSBER and MARQUIP.  RMM has successfully innovated unique technologies such as “Nitriding Method”, “Cryogenic Treatment Method”, “CT Coating” and “Peripheral Heating” to meet the increased requirements of the market.  RMM has strict quality inspection at every step and has huge production capacity, producing 3,000 sets of corrugating rolls annually, assuring short delivery times. 

The knowledgeable Goettsch parts sales staff, conversant in multiple languages, is ready to research your specific requirement, provide up-to-date technical data and do whatever it takes to keep your business running smoothly.

Corrugating Rolls

RMM Dasong High Quality Corrugating RollRMM utilizes the highest quality Praxair Tungsten Technology Learn more in the RMM Corrugating Roll Manufacturer Brochure Read more about RMM's developments in the Corrugating Roll Master Brochure

When quality materials, treatment and precision are paramount to your purchase decision-making, consider RMM Corrugating Rolls.  Success stories abound with corrugating rolls running more than 100,000,000 linear meters!

Quality Control

Every corrugating roll has its own process control tracking sheet.  RMM has strict quality inspection at every processing step, with 20 QC steps throughout the production process.  And every corrugating roll must undergo and pass strict testing before shipment to meet our customers’ requirements.

RMM - Step by Step Process ControlRMM - Smoothness Check during QC RMM - Paper Test Before Shipment 

  • Tungsten and CT Coating
  • For Finger and Fingerless type Single Facers
  • For Peripheral heating or Siphon pipe types
  • Roll width:  Up to 3,300 mm. (129.9 in.)
  • Roll diameter:  Up to 540 mm. (21.26 in.)

Improvements experienced by the RMM corrugating rolls:

  • Less vibration at critical speeds
  • Less resonance when running lightweight papers
  • Less glue consumption
  • Higher production speeds for fine flutes like E, F and N flutes

Also Available:

Pressure Rolls
Glue and Doctor Rolls
• With or without cells
• Suitable for any brand of single facer or glue unit
Upgrades for Existing Single Facers
• Converting siphon-type to peripheral-type
• Converting finger-type to fingerless type

*Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability.

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