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C & M Conveyor is a preferred supplier to the corrugated box industry with more than 30 years industry experience having worked with thousands of box plants, boosting throughput from receiving to shipping.  Goettsch is proud to supply the C & M Conveyor line of material handling and conveyor systems to the International Market*.

The Goettsch team understands the investment you have in your facility; our professionals team up with you to recommend the right equipment solution for your application, facility and budget.  And, rest assured, we’re always there to provide on-going parts and service support.

  • Operator Safety
  • Waste Reduction
  • Increased Productivity  
  • Ergonomics
  • Reliability
  • Inventory Control

Material Handling Solutions

Learn more with C & M’s Material Handling Systems Brochure 

Various configurations of conveying and material handling systems can be designed to streamline your plant operations.  Typical C & M systems include accumulating and power roller conveyors, unit load entry/exit devices, transfer cars, and special devices such as turntables, palletizers, pallet sweeps and pivoting conveyors.  C & M combines these conveyors and devices with programmable controllers to achieve semi-automatic and automatic conveyor operation.

Corrugator Discharge Systems

C & M Corrugator Discharge-Mesh-Top Belt ConveyorShown: Mesh-Top Conveyor with Powered Transfer CarC & M’s Sheet Insertion System can easily be added to join a bottom sheet to the bottom of stacks as it advances forward.  Learn more with C & M’s Mesh-Top Belt Conveyor Brochure

C&M's Mesh-Top Belt Conveyor provides a minimum "sheet-walk" handling surface for all types of previously hard-to-convey material.  This conveyor also provides a work surface for operators involved in Bottom Sheet Insertion, Load Preparation for Strapping or Operator Crossings.

The Mesh-Top Belt Conveyor is designed with close radius transitions to minimize the gap, providing increased load stability during transition from the corrugator to standard Roller Conveyor.  The Mesh-Top Belt Conveyor can handle micro-flute and is available from 60" (152.4cm) to 120" (304.8cm) widths.

Plant Automation Systems

Shown: Power Accumulating Roller Conveyor Shown: Mesh-Top Transfer CarShown: Transfer Car & Power Accumulating Roller Conveyor Learn more with C & M’s Power Transfer Car Brochure

The C & M Power Accumulating Roller Conveyor (PARC) is a belt driven conveyor, utilizing air mounted pressure racks to drive separate sections of the conveyor as required for areas of separate control.  Modular design can be extended to 50 ft. (1524cm) on a single drive and structurally can handle up to 3,000 lbs. per foot (14,650 kgs. per square meter).

Power Transfer Cars are utilized for transporting larger loads that must travel longer distances at higher speeds (speeds are set to the individual application).  Cars are available with Mesh-Top Belt Conveyors or with Power Roller Conveyors.

These cars are available in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation.  All cars include manual controls located on one end of the car inside a "safety gated" area.  The operator has full control from this station. Laser Safety Sensors on both ends are constantly searching for any obstructions in the aisle.  Red and Green lights provide illuminated indicators on direction of travel.

Computer-Integrated Inventory Management System (CIMS)

CIMS - Computer-Integrated Inventory Management System Watch inventory movement powered by the C & M Computer-Integrated Inventory Management System in the C & M video

The CIMS Inventory Control Panel indicates percent full and load destination via color match to the finishing machine.  The CIMS user interface was developed entirely in Java, making it possible for any computer on your network to access CIMS using a standard web browser.  CIMS can be integrated with your existing plant scheduling software and corrugator and converting equipment using existing protocols.  The user-friendly Touch Screen Workstation is available for operator intervention.

Press Infeed Systems

Shown is a press infeed conveyor with Powered Rotating DeviceShown is the Power Live Roller Conveyor with moveable press infeed

A belt driven conveyor with drop-in rollers; drive belt is in contact with the load carrying rollers and operation of the conveyor is controlled by starting and stopping the motor.

The Power Live Roller Conveyor (PLR) can be accompanied by any of several devices designed to accommodate your facility, including Turntable Devices, Powered Pivoting Conveyors, Powered Rotating Devices, Centering Devices and Right Angle Transfer Devices.


Press Discharge Systems

C & M Press Discharge - Rotary Die Cutter Bundle Conveyor C & M Press Discharge - RDC Mesh-Top Discharge ConveyorC & M  Conveyor - ARB Transfer System BrochureC & M DARB Transfer Device Brochure

Numerous conveyor options can be assembled to provide the productivity you desire to streamline your plant operations, from Mesh-Top Belt Conveyors to Power Live Roller Conveyors or Non-Power Roller Conveyors, to Bundle Conveying and Bundle Building.

C & M's Transfer Systems
The ARB (Activated Roller Belt) Transfer System is a must for load forming operations, allowing continuous transfer rates in excess of 20 bundles per minute while boasting low maintenance and high up time. The DARB (Dual Activated Roller Belt) is a must for dual load forming operations and diverting non-conforming product, increasing product throughput. 

Strapping Line Systems

C & M Strapping Line Powered Roller Conveyor  C & M Strapping Line Conveyor

C & M’s Automatic and Semi-automatic Powered Roller Conveyor or Mesh-Top Belt Conveyor Systems move material efficiently through the strapping line.  Automated strapping lines are networked to the host computer and strapping and other instructions are electronically downloaded to a programmable controller at the strapping station.


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