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BloApCo Industrial Shredders can Improve Plant Efficiency and Save Money!

Since 1933, BloApCo has been manufacturing corrugated shredders, heavy duty material handling fans, trim cutters, bale transfer units, dust filters and complete design of pneumatic scrap systems.  Goettsch is proud to partner with Blower Application Company to serve the International Market*.

Goettsch understands the investment you have in your facility and our professionals can team up with you to provide the right equipment solution for your application and facility to create efficiencies.  And, rest assured, we’re always there to provide on-going parts and service support.

Eliminates Baler Jams while Increasing Capacity

Boxes and cartons clog baler infeed hoppers because they tumble when they're conveyed into a baler's mouth. When you add a shredder to the system there is no limit to the size of the box you can bale. Shredding also increases the amount of material in the baling chamber so that baler function is more efficient.

Pierce-and-Tear Technology

BloApCo Ripper Wheels to "Pierce-and-Tear"See the advantage of Shredding OCC before baling!

All BloApCo Shredders use their patented “Pierce-and-Tear” shredding concept.  Ripping teeth, mounted on three or five shafts, counter-rotate at different speeds to “Pierce-and-Tear” material into irregular-sized pieces which can be conveyed or deposited into balers or refuse hoppers.

Piggyback Shredder

Shown is the BloApCo Piggyback Shredder Learn more about the Piggyback Shredder in the BloApCo brochure.

The BloApCo Piggyback Shredder is positioned over a baler or compactor for direct gravity feed of shredded waste.  Can use with any horizontal, automatic baler (including those with automatic tying) or any compactor.

  • Low Energy Consumption – It requires much less horsepower to tear apart scrap than it does to cut, beat or shear
  • Less Noise – High torque and low speeds Provide BloApCo with the quietest shredder available, operating below 80 dB
  • Less Dust – Pulling the material apart at very slow speeds produces minimal dust and prevents throw-outs
  • Less Maintenance – “Pierce-and-Tear” technology utilizes low RPM ripping shafts that eliminate machine vibration, giving the longest component wear-life over any other shredding technology
  • Assured destruction reduces pilferage

Warehouse / Distribution Center Shredder

BloApCo Warehouse-Distribution Center ShredderWatch the BloApCo Warehouse / DC Shredder at work at rates up to 8,000 pounds per hour!Learn more about Warehouse / Distribution Center Shredders in the BloApCo Brochure

BloApCo shredders are proven day-in and day-out to increase operations efficiencies at many of America's largest distribution centers and warehouses. BloApCo warehouse shredders greatly expand disposal capacity and increase container or bale weight that consistently lower your haul-away costs.

* Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability. Request A Quote

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