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Pull Rolls

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Zenith Cutter Pull Rolls Read more in the Zenith Pull Rolls brochure

  • All pull rolls are made of high quality carbon steel for long life
  • Each pull roll is precision machined and knurled to exact specifications to assure proper board speed and position.  This provides accurate printing, slit scores, folding and gluing
  • Each ring is split at 180◦ for easy installation and maintenance
  • Single screw lock-up lets you move the pull roll easily on the shaft, resulting in less set-up or re-adjustment time

How to Order:

Please advise machine manufacturer, model number and OEM or Zenith part number along with wheel outside and inside diameter and width.  


Scoring Rings

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Zenith Cutter Scoring Rings Read more in the Zenith Cutter Scoring Rings brochure

  • For corrugators, slitters, printer slotters and flexo folder gluers
  • Durability is assured by using fully hardened steel rings.  These rings will withstand the abuse of dropping, running together and misalignment as no other material can
  • Rings are mounted on steel collars for longest life and superior strength
  • Standard width is 2” (51mm) for close set-ups; these can also be supplied in 1-3/4” (44mm) and 1-1/2” (38mm) widths
  • Concentricity is maintained by grinding the profile on each ring after heat treating
  • Profiles shown are standard; special profiles are available on request

Multiple scoring is easy with Zenith scoring heads.  Stack profiles for fast set-up and flexibility.  A wide range of spacers are available.

How to Order:

Please advise OEM or Zenith part number along with shaft size, bolt diameter, scoring ID, OD and width on all inquiries.


Scoring System

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Sauer System G3 Male Profile for consistent well-defined score lines Read more about the G3 innovative new scoring system in the Sauer System brochure

The new G3 scoring system from Sauer System was designed specifically to improve scoring when converting recycled board and other challenging materials.

The G3 male profile incorporates specific geometry which conditions the board and provides relief for the inside liner.  The result is improved folding, a proven reduction in manufacturer’s gap variation and a higher quality finished product.

How to Order:

Please advise machine manufacturer, model and size on all inquiries*.

Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability.Request A Quote

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