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Valco Melton offers high performance cold adhesive dispensing systems for today’s corrugated box manufacturer. Designed to work at any price point and any speed, Valco Melton systems have lead the way in reliability, support and longevity for decades.

The knowledgeable Goettsch parts sales staff, conversant in multiple languages, is ready to research your specific requirement, provide up-to-date technical data and do whatever it takes to keep your business running smoothly*.


Flexoseal® PRO System Features:

Valco Melton FlexoSeal®PRO System

  • OT-12 Touchscreen Control with simple settings for box design, glue patterns, adhesive inspection and flow control
  • Pressure balancing glue regulator to ensure consistent adhesive delivery during startup

Flexoseal® PLUS System Features:

Valco Melton FlexoSeal®PLUS System

  • MCP-4F Glue System Pattern Control with graphical user interface to allow program changes “on the fly”
  • Pressure balancing glue regulator to ensure consistent adhesive delivery during startup

Applicator Options for PRO & PLUS Systems:

BoardRunner® Tri-Valve Non-Contact Glue Station with Model 524 Valve BoardRunner® Contact Extrusion with Model 900 Glue Valve

  • BoardRunner® Contact Glue Station with DD-1 Diaphragm pump
  • BoardRunner® Tri-Valve Non-Contact Glue Statin with EPP-6 Piston pump

ClearVision® GlueChek™ Inspection System

Valco Melton ClearVision® GlueChek™ Inspection SystemValco Melton's GlueCheck™ Read more about the GlueCheck Inspection System in the Valco Melton GlueChek brochure.

Inspect, retrieve and ensure quality data from your Flexo Folder Gluer with the latest developments in high-speed camera technology.

  • Takes a picture of every glue tab at full production speed
  • Analyzes glue pattern to ensure that no gluing problems exist
  • Notifies operators by alarm if a problem is detected, marks the defective box, saves an image of the gluing problem

  • Provide perfectly glued boxes to your customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction


Retrofits, Accessories and Parts

Diaphragm PumpPressure-Balancing Regulator

  • Valco pumps are automatically reversed by low-voltage, solid-state electronics to increase pump life and reduce downtime
  • Pressure=balancing regulators ensure consistent adhesive delivery during startup and at varying line speeds without flooding or puddling
  • Upgrade Kits available for discontinued Flexoseal® Models such as CV150, SV250, VC350, VC450, VC3500/3700 and VC350AG
  • Replacement parts available including valves, applicator heads, diaphragms and others


How to Order:

Please advise system type, model, serial number and part numbers.

* Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability.Request A Quote



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