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Dong Fang, the leading manufacturer of Rotary Die Cutters, Flexo Folder Gluers and Flexo Printer Slotters for corrugated in China.  The quality and standards of Dong Fang are recognized worldwide.  Goettsch is proud to supply the Dong Fang line of products to the International Market*.

For more than 65 years, Goettsch has been working with large facilities and small shops.  We understand the investment you have in your facility.  You’ll appreciate the unsurpassed service you receive from Goettsch to recommend the right equipment solution for your application, facility and budget.  Then we work closely with our customers to manage the delivery, installation and training, so you can focus on your business.  And, we’re always available for on-going parts and service support.


Apstar HG2 Rotary Die Cutter (Bottom Printing)

Dong Fang Apstar HG2 Rotary Die CutterDong Fang Die Cut Unit of the Apstar HG2 RDC Learn more about the Apstar HG2 RDC Converting Line in the Dong Fang brochure.

The Apstar HG2 RDC is a world-class machine that includes more standard features than any other brand on the market today!

Intelligent design and smooth linear processes maximizes production speeds, minimizes labor and achieves the best ROI for corrugated packaging plants.

The Apstar HG2 Converting Line includes:
  • Prefeeder
  • Sun Automation Group’s Extend-O-Feed, Four Shaft Lead Edge Feeder with Servo Drive
  • Extended Feed Section with Vacuum Transfer and extended Sheet Cleaning System
  • Vacuum Transfer Print Units with Roll-to-Roll or Doctor Blade (chamber or single) inking system
  • Dwell Transfer Unit
  • Rotary Die Cut Section with Sun Automation MicroGrind full width grinding roll
  • Flexy Stack-IFP/Stripper Stacker – deliver the paperboard stack at any speed without stopping the RDC
  • Siemens PLC’s with Operator Control Console with Ethernet connectivity
  • Common duct air exhaust for all stations with Free Standing Dust Filter System
  • Fully-automatic palletizer

  • Sheets can be delivered from the corrugator line without reversing the stack directly to the RDC.
  • Inking system is below the paperboard line; no ink contamination on the sheets, easier to clean
  • Easier to clean die cutting waste
  • Bottom printing RDC is the most typical and popular converting machines in the American and European markets

Apstar HS Flexo Printer Die Cutter (Bottom Printing)

 Dong Fang Apstar HS 1628 Flexo Printer Die Cutter Learn more about the Apstar HS Flexo Printer Die Cutter in the Dong Fang brochure.

The Apstar HS features an all servo platform for the feed unit, print units, dwell unit and die cut unit with vacuum transfer for accurate sheet register printing and sheet registration.  Hi-graphic printing on coated paperboard or normal printing on kraft paperboard.

The Apstar HS Flexo Printer Die Cutter includes:

  • Sun Automation Group’s Extend-O-Feed, Four Shaft Lead Edge Feeder with Servo Drive
  • Variable frequency drive control of vacuum suction and pressure to suit different size paperboard
  • Extended sheet cleaning system
  • All servo print units with independent drive on print cylinder, anilox roll and vacuum sheet transfer system
  • Chambered or single doctor blade inking system
  • Auto washing system included with ‘wash-while-run’ capability for fast, efficient ink cleanup
  • Quick-change anilox roll cart included
  • Servo motor drive system on anvil cylinder of die cut unit
  • Sun Automation Group’s MicroGrind full width grinding roll

* Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability.Request A Quote

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