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Goettsch International can supply flexo printers and converters with all the parts and materials you need to keep your presses running at top performance*.  Our Parts Department team has the knowledge, skills and experience to supply the parts and service to keep your machinery operating at peak efficiency.  If you don’t see it here, just ask!


Plate Mounting Materials


Container-Mount® plate mounting material

Yellow mounting material that has become an industry standard.  Consistent caliper, natural curve, easy film adherence, easy-to-draw-on surface and rugged flexibility.  Also available in semi-transparant Trans-Mount™.  Both types commonly used is .030” (.76mm) thickness x 62” (1,575mm) wide x approximately 89’ (27.1m) long rolls (sold by weight – length may vary).


ProFlex 2™

ProFlex 2™ cushion backed plate mounting material

Cushion backed mylar supported mounting material provides quick rebound with high resistance to compression eliminating highs and lows.  Commonly used with wide format thin plates for high end post printing on all corrugated substrates.  Commonly used is .125” (3.175mm) thick with mylar backing in 60” (1524mm) wide and 75’ (22.9m) long rolls.

ProFlex 2™ is also available in an adhesive coated version without the support layer. Adhesive coated ProFlex 2™ is ideal for cushioned backing on carrier sheets or for temporary cylinder build-up.


Mounting Attachment System - PlateLoc™

PlateLoc™ plate mounting strips

Lead Edge Strip

The Lead Edge Strip is designed to give excellent registration and faster set-ups. (A flexible Lead Edge also available for extra-long mounts.) Our system is especially designed to have a positive fit in all Fast-Lock channels, and features 72" (1,829mm) and 102" (2,591mm) lengths.

Trail Edge Strip

The Trail Edge Strip is thicker, so straps and bands will not tear out, and is pre-punched to use either Container-Straps® or tension bands, and features 72" (1,829mm) and 102" (2,591mm) lengths.

Hanging Tab

The Hanging Tab is reinforced and stronger than the conventional grommets and has no metal - which reduces the risk of damage to anilox rolls.


Tension Bands

Plate mounting tension bands

Black rubber bands with metal tips for Matthews Fast Lock or Cosco System.  Available in lengths from 3” (76mm) up to 19” (483mm). 



Container-Straps® metal-free plate mounting straps

Metal-free tension Container-Straps™ stretch up to 2” (50mm) with constant tension regardless of length.  Using several bands on a mount provides the same amount of tension because of the consistency of the stretch in the natural rubber bands.  Available in 3” (76mm), 15” (381mm) and 40” (1,016mm) lengths.  Strap puller is also available.


Lead & Trail Edge Mounting Strips

Lead and trail edge plate mounting strips

Lead edge available as single or double flanged in 72” (1,829mm) lengths.  Trail edge strips also available in 72” (1,829mm) lengths.


Two-Sided Adhesive Film for Plate Mounting

Plate mounting adhesive film for rubber or photopolymer plates

Does not wrinkle and is not affected by humidity or air conditioning.  Consistent .0065” (.165mm) thickness.  Use for mounting rubber or photopolymer plates .25” (6.35mm) and thinner.

How to Order:

Please indicate material type, thickness, width and length.


Doctor Blades

TruPoint™ by Flexo Concepts Logo

Metering and Containment Blades  Beveled Profile   Lamella (DACC) Profile

Doctor Blade Profile Options

  • Economical substitute for steel doctor blades
  • Available in plastic or composite materials
  • Lasts up to five times longer than steel blades
  • Effectively meters all types of inks and coatings
  • Reduces anilox roll scoring
  • Safer to handle than steel

TruPoint™ Doctor Blades

TruPoint™ Corrugated Doctor Blade Selection

How to Order:

Please indicate material, thickness, length and bevel

Anilox Cleaning Brushes

Anilox Roll Cleaning Brushes

Improve print quality; easily scrub away flexo ink with brass anilox cleaning brushes or stainless steel anilox cleaning brushes.  Wide assortment!  Just ask!

Anilox Cleaning Solution

FlexoMaid™ Logo

ECOMAID™ premium biodegradable detergents

Are you looking for greener solutions and environmentally friendly products? With FLEXOMAID™, you’ll get truly clean anilox rolls that perform better and last longer – while using less time,  effort, water and cleaning product.

All ECOMAID™ detergents are available in practical 10-litre boxes or six–packs of 500-ml spray bottles, ideal options for automatic and manual cleaning.

Use ECOMAID™ detergent to ensure a safer workplace for your employees and safer and better cleaning of your anilox rolls, gravure cylinders and sleeves.


*Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability.Request A Quote



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