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The knowledgeable Goettsch parts sales staff, conversant in multiple languages, is ready to research your specific requirement, provide up-to-date technical data and do whatever it takes to keep your business running smoothly*.

Male Slotting Knives

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Zenith Cutter Male Slot Knives

Durable male slot knives from Zenith are made from select high-chrome, high-carbon tool steel and are manufactured to exceed OEM specifications.  Built for long service life, the male slot knives are precision ground to assure true, clean cuts over extended production runs.

Serrated Male Slotting Knives 

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 Learn more about the Serrated Male Slotters in the Zenith brochure

Zenith serrated male slotters feature a unique, offset serrated tooth design that provides improvements over conventional male slotters, resulting in cleaner slots and up to 20% longer blade life.  The Zenith patented manufacturing process creates a continuous super-sharp serrated cutting edge.

Female Slotting Knives

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Zenith Cutter Female Slot Knives

Goettsch offers a full line of female slotting knives and pinch rings.  The Zenith process creates trouble-free concentric female rings.  Friction enhancing dirt groove females are also available to maintain your OEM applications.  Most female slot knives are in stock and available for immediate delivery.


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Zenith Cutter Flexo Slot StrippersLearn more about the Zenith Strippers in the Zenith brochure

Zenith flexo slot strippers are made of the highest quality materials from around the world to meet or exceed OEM specifications.  Each stripper is precision cut on state-of-the-art water-jet machinery for exact fit every time.  Most strippers are in stock for immediate delivery.

How to Order:

Male Slotters: Advise OEM or Zenith part number and thickness, with or without tip

Female Slotters: Advise OEM or Zenith part number along with ID, OD and thickness

Strippers: Advise OEM or Zenith part number and thickness


*Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability.

Stitch Tab Blocks, Knives and Anvil Head Covers

Sauer parts have a long history of performance reliability in the corrugated world. The corrugated industry is driven by productivity, throughputs, and long-run manufacturing. Sauer System parts and products are an integral part of your up-time and end-of-line product quality.

Sauer System Hand & Vent Hole Attachments

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Hand Hole AttachmentsJP Style Stitch Tab Cover  Learn more about the T-Slot Heads, Anvils and Aluminum Dies in the Sauer System brochure

  • Easily added to existing slotter sections
  • Hand and vent hole attachments available in various configurations
  • T-Slot mounting heads are easily adjusted with Kam-Lok adjusting system
  • Free-wheeling “JP” style interlocking urethane covers easily mount in place

Sauer System Anvil Covers

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Anvil Head with CoversFemale Anvil Head with Covers  Learn more about the Soft Anvil Conversion Kit and Stitch Tab Knives in the Sauer System brochure.

Sauer System anvil covers are made from high grade polyurethane and are designed for quick installation and removal with no tools required. The unique two-piece ‘jigsaw puzzle’ design of the covers allows free-wheeling movement on the head, extending cover life.


Sauer System Stitch Tab Attachments 

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Upper Stitch Head with Tab Knife Block  Interlocking LP Style Stitch Tab Covers  Stitch Tab Knives in All Sizes

  • Easily added to convert existing RSC slotter sections to soft cut stitch tabs
  • Lead & Trail knife blocks easily adjustable for different size RSCs
  • Free-wheeling “LP” style interlocking urethane covers easily mount in place
  • Various tab knife sizes available for different flutes and different width tabs

How to Order:

Please advise Sauer part number from existing system or ask your Goettsch Parts Representative for more information for new systems.


*Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability.Request A Quote


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