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WSA (Woosung Autocon), founded in 1980 in South Korea, manufactures an extensive range of state of the art material handling equipment featuring innovative solutions designed to maximize the productivity and efficiency of today’s modern corrugated box plant. Goettsch is proud to supply the WSA line of material handling and conveyor systems to the International Market*.

The Goettsch professionals are highly skilled and can recommend the right systems for your application, facility and budget, create efficiencies and provide on-going parts and service support.

WSA has proven solutions for high speed converting lines, from mini-lines to jumbos, top and bottom printers, standard and high board-line presses, platen die cutters, bundle handling, machine infeed and discharge systems and palletizers for finished loads.

See the video on WSA Conveyors, Prefeeders, Load Formers, Pallet and Bottom Sheet Inserters and more!

See the video on WSA Conveyors, Prefeeders, Load Formers, Pallet and Bottom Sheet Inserters and more!

Full Plant Plastic Belt Conveyor Systems

WSA Full Plant Plastic Belt WIP Conveyor Watch the Full Plant Plastic Belt Conveyor in action! Learn more with WSA’s Plastic Belt Conveyor Systems Brochure.  

Full Plant Conveyor Systems are designed to create efficiencies and streamline production.

WSA Integrated Order Tracking System with PLC
WSA Integrated Order Tracking System with PLC

  • Fully Automated Flat Top Mesh Full Plant Conveyor Systems
  • Integrated Order Tracking Systems
  • Plastic Belt Automatic Shuttle and Transfer Cars
  • Pallet Sweep Infeeds
  • Pallet Sleeve Systems
  • Plastic Belt Right Angle Transfer Conveyors
  • Plastic Belt and Ball Stack Rotators
  • Stack Centering Conveyors
  • Plastic Belt Corrugator Discharge Conveyors and more!

Corrugator Discharge Systems

WSA Corrugator Discharge Conveyor System WSA Corrugator Discharge Plastic Belt Conveyor   Watch the WSA Corrugator Discharge Conveyor with pallet pusher system in action!  

Seamlessly direct stacks from the corrugator to the finishing line with the configuration that’s custom-designed for your box plant with UniChain plastic belts & sprockets, non-flammable wood runners, bi-directional SEW motors, frequency inverter control and SICK sensors. X-Y Cross Conveyors, Turn Tables, Rotating Conveyors and Finishing Transfer Cars streamline the production process!

Machine Infeed Conveyor Systems

WSA Sleeve Infeed Conveyor System with Turntable  

WSA manufactures a wide range of Machine Infeed Conveyor Solutions including Pallet Sleeve Drop Stations, Pallet Sweep Systems, Plastic Belt Mesh Infeed Conveyor, Inline Turn Tables, Stack Centering & Separation Conveyors and more! Contact Goettsch International for your Machine Infeed Conveyor needs.

Bundle Line Conveyor Systems

WSA Bundle Conveyor - Plastic Curve WSA Bundle Handling Conveyor   Watch the WSA Bundle Line Conveyor System in action!  

WSA offers a comprehensive array of bundle handling solutions designed to maximize the productivity of today’s converting lines and can be integrated with any of the latest strappers, die cut stackers, bundle breakers, and shrink tunnel systems on the market today. WSA manufactures Plastic Belt Bundle Conveyors, in straight or curved sections, Bundle Doublers, Bundle Rotators, High Speed X-Y Corners, Log Rotators for Die-cut Lines, Bundle Centering and Squaring systems, Bundle Side Positioning conveyors, Bundle Eject System, Tapered Roller Curve Sections, and Bundle Roller Conveyors with advanced accumulation controls. Contact Goettsch International to discuss bundle handling solutions for your high speed flexo folder gluer or rotary die cutter line.

Machine Discharge & Mainline Conveyor Solutions

WSA Plastic Belt Machine Discharge and Mainline Solutions Conveyor Shown is the WSA Plastic Belt Conveyor Drawing of the WSA Mainline Transfer Car System Watch the WSA Mainline Automatic Transfer Car System in action!

Various configurations of material handling conveyor systems can be designed and assembled to streamline your plant operations.

The Plastic Belt Conveyor is a general transport conveyor with a flat, solid, smooth surface that increases worker safety and eliminates sheet warp, pressure damage and marks on the bottom sheets.

WSA offers two types of Mainline Solutions for today’s modern corrugated box plants. Plastic Belt Mainline Conveyors with Automatic Load Accumulation Controls or our WSA Mainline Automatic Transfer Car System. The Mainline Transfer Car system features a four bed automatic transfer car with multi-load staging conveyors at each machine discharge. Both systems are integrated into the WSA COFAS Automatic Order Tracking system which is fully interfaced with the Plants Scheduling System. All orders can be tracked and processed automatically from the Machine Discharges through to the Finished Goods Pickup Points.

* Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability.Request A Quote

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