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Case Study #3 – Plant Modernization with Complete 5-Color Rotary Die Cutter with Bundle Breaker

WSA Bottom Print Fully-Automatic Prefeeder and Plastic Belt Conveyors with Dong Fang Apstar HS 1628 Rotary Die CutterDong Fang Apstar HS 1628 Equipped with JB Machinery Dryers, Kleenplate® and VisionMaster™ Monitoring System and InkSpec Viscosity Control System on all 5 ColorsGeo M. Martin ValuStak™ RDC StackerShown:  (from front left) Geo M. Martin Pozi-Link Conveyor and Bundle Transfer System with logs moving into the GMMQuik-Break II™ Bundle Separator.  Bundles then move onto the C & M Conveyor Bundle Line Conveyor around to the WSA Semi-automatic Load Former onto the C & M Conveyor Floor Conveyor.



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Description: New line replacement of multiple inefficient flat bed die cutters in a Latin American box plant. Including an automatic prefeeder, 5 color high graphics all servo rotary die cutter with chambered doctor blades, ink viscosity system, the latest technology in driers and inline plate cleaning systems.  Die cut blanks move onto a high efficiency stacker / bundle breaker, and are then conveyed to a semi-automatic load former to new floor conveyor to a mainline and fully integrated with existing lines.

Benefits: Goettsch worked as a single source supplier to design a complete system from various top line vendors on budget and on a tight timeline to reduce costs, increase efficiency and printing capabilities. Goettsch coordinated logistics and installation and follow up service of the entire system.


  •  Prefeeder: WSA Bottom Print Fully-Automatic Prefeeder 
  •  5-Color RDC: Dong Fang Apstar HS 1628 - 5 Color All-Servo Rotary Die Cutter 
  •  Dryers/Plate Wash Eliminator: JB Machinery Dryers, KleenPlate® and VisionMaster™ Monitoring System 
  •  Viscosity Control: InkSpec Viscosity Control System on all 5 Colors 
  •  Conveyors: WSA Plastic Belt Infeed Conveyors 
  •  Stacker: Geo. M. Martin ValuStak™ LCS Rotary Die Cutter Stacker 
  •  Bundle Transfer System: Geo. M. Martin Bundle Transfer System and Plastic Belt Breaker Infeed Conveyor  
  •  Bundle Breaker: Geo. M. Martin Quik-Break II™ Nicked Bundle Separator 
  •  Conveyors: C & M Conveyor – Bundle Line and Floor Conveyors 
  •  Load Former: WSA Semi-automatic Load Former with Pallet Master

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