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Established in 1945, American Baler Company is one of the oldest and most respected baler manufacturers in the world. Goettsch is proud to supply the complete line of balers to bring solutions to customers in the International Market*.  American Baler Company specializes in highly efficient balers that are designed to keep energy costs down and baling wire consumption to a minimum.  They build quality machines that are designed to provide years of reliable service.

Goettsch understands the investment you have in your facility and our professionals can team up with you to provide the right baler for your application and facility to create efficiencies; and, rest assured, we’re always there to provide on-going parts and service support.

PW3560 Full Eject Predator Baler

Shown PW3560 Full Eject Manual-Tie Predator Baler      Shown is PW3560 manual tie baler with optional in-ground conveyor Watch the Predator Baler in action! Learn more about the PW3560 Full Eject Manual-Tie Predator Baler in the American Baler Brochure

The Full Eject Series was specifically designed for low volume users with the possibility of baling a wide range of materials.

  • Production Volume: Up to 12,800 Cubic feet / Hour
  • Feed Opening: 35″ x 57″ (88.9cm x 144.8cm)
  • Cycle Time: Min. 29.4 secs. Max. 20.9 secs.
  • PSI: Up to 235,620 lbs. of force
  • Expanded Bale Size: 30″h x 45″l x 60″w (76.2cm h x 114.3cm l x 152.4cm w)

DC (Distribution Center) Balers

American Baler DC Series Baler DC (Distribution Center) Baler  Learn more about the DC Series Baler in American Baler’s Brochure.

Specifically designed for Distribution Centers, the DC Baler was designed specifically for facilities who handle whole upright boxes.  These balers can be used with shredders in high-volume applications. 

DC Baler Specs:

  • Production Volume: Up to 31,350 cubic feet / hour
  • Feed Opening: Min. 50″ x 43″ (127cm x 109.2cm) up to Max. 75″ x 46.5″ (190.5cm x 118.1cm)
  • Cycle Times Range From 8 seconds to 28 seconds
  • PSI: Up to 235,620 lbs. of force
  • Expanded Bale Size: 43″ x 43″ (109.2cm x 109.2cm) x varies in length, up to 43″ x 48″ (109.2cm x 121.9cm) x varies in length


The 42W Series Balers are also ideal for use in Distribution Centers for flattened corrugated boxes due to their wide mouth feed openings.

Learn more about the 42WS Series Baler in the American Baler Brochure.


*Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability.Request A Quote

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