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Incorporated in 1995 in the village of Amherst, WI, U.S.A., Baysek Machines Inc. produces proven and predictable state-of-the-art rotary anvil - flat bed die cutters designed to give customers excellent flexibility and a quick return on investment. The Nick-Free, Multiple-Out, Baysek die cutting method is designed to conquer difficult jobs that traditional rotary and flatbed die cutters struggle or fail to efficiently accomplish.

55" x 67" Fully Automatic Rotary Anvil - Flat Die Cutter

Baysek C-170 Die Cutter 

The servo driven C-170 die cutter offers a large die format with quick setup and no required stripping tools. Simple one-out to complex multi-out pieces up to 60 individual pieces per cycle are shear cut and automatically stripped of waste. Controlled by a single operator at the touch of a user-friendly computerized screen, unnecessary additional manual labor is eliminated. Clean, accurately counted and neatly stacked finished units are ready for shipping preparation upon exiting the machine, load after load.

View the video above to see the Baysek method of Die Cutting Learn more with C & M’s Material Handling Systems Brochure 

Important Features:

  • Quick Set Up & No Make Ready
  • One Operator
  • Solid Board Single Face F-Flute through Double Wall
  • Fully Stripped Waste with Vacuum Removal
  • Nick-Free Multi-Out Stacking up to 60,000 pieces per hour
  • Automatic Tie Sheet & Step Stack Setting
  • Shear Cut – No Angel Hair
  • Servo Drive Control System
  • Remote Online Machine Diagnostics
  • No Bundle Breaker Required to Achieve Product Separation
  • No special tooling needed


Optional Features:

  • Extended Out Feed Conveyor
  • Conveyor Infeed System
  • Solid/Thin Board Assist
  • Reverse Rotary Brush
  • Single Face components
  • Video Camera Monitoring


Nick-Free, Multiple-Out, Complex Die Cutting

Increase production and quality while decreasing costly manual labor. Shear cut, fully strip waste, accurately count and neatly stack complex partitions with one operator via the Baysek C-170 die cutter. Clean "Nick-Free" finished pieces exit the machine ready for shipping prep or to enter partition assemblers with ease.

Stack More...Staff Less.

Die Cutting Partitions

Large, 9 Out, Narrow Slots & Small Waste, 1 Full Set

Medium, 10 out Double Wall Partitions 

Medium, 30 out 6 Complete Partition Sets

Large, Intricate, 2 Out, Coated Board Partitions

Large, 4 Out, Double Wall Partitions

Small, 24 Out, B-Flute, 3 Complete Partition Sets

*Available in specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability. 

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