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Shown are the Interstation and Final Flexo Dryer CassettesJB Machinery Simply Delicious Color & Graphics

The added value in-line drying, varnishing and UV coating brings to corrugated graphics is indeed remarkable. Safe and economical, today's technologies open a new world of creativity for you and your customers, providing a durable, protective coating as well as giving graphics an enhanced luster, depth and reality.

JB Machinery provides superior products and services to converters and original equipment manufacturers. With over 60 years of industry experience, JB Machinery’s unique, high efficiency IR/forced air flexo drying and UV curing system designs have generated an extensive list of satisfied customers from around the world. Goettsch is proud to supply the JB Machinery line of products to the International Market*.

The Goettsch team is trained to help you find the right equipment solution for your application and to provide on-going parts and service support. Whether it is a new machine installation, or an upgrade to an existing press, JB Machinery and Goettsch work closely with the customer and their machinery manufacturer to ensure the installation is flawless and the performance meets or exceeds the customer's expectations.

Final Flexo Dryer (FFD)

Shown is the Final Flexo Dryer – Two On/Two Off  Learn more by viewing the JB Machinery Brochure.

Interstation and Final Flexo Dryers dramatically increase productivity, allow you to provide higher quality graphics options and expand the capability of your flexo operation. Final Flexo Dryers ensure optimized drying of ink and or varnish prior to inline die-cutting, minimizing if not eliminating the potential for tracking, marking, smearing and offsetting from sheet to anvil cover, even with inline varnishing and full coverage printing.

In every instance the use of Interstation and Final Flexo Dryers eliminates the need for multiple passes. High graphics printing, varnishing and finishing operations such as die-cutting in a single pass on semi or fully-coated high hold-out board without compromising run speeds.

Control Systems

Easy to program dryer system  Learn more by viewing the JB Machinery Brochure.

JB Machinery’s intuitive, graphics based interface gives the operator full and precise control over the entire drying system. Built around a durable color touch screen, the system provides global control over all dryers while allowing individual control of each lamp cassette.

Interstation Flexo Dryer (IFD)

Shown, the ease of changing out the IFD  Learn more by viewing the JB Machinery Brochure.

Installed between printing stations, Interstation or Final Flexo Dryers optimize drying of each or selected colors for color-on-color trapping, minimizing if not eliminating ghosting, providing dramatic increases in productivity and product value. Maintenance couldn't be simpler. Turn the latch, lift and the cassette slides out.

Filtered UV Curing

JB Machinery UV Curing  Learn more by viewing the JB Machinery Brochure.

UV provides converters an economic and environmentally safe means to deliver high graphics, protective and functional varnish capabilities, from matte, to high gloss, to wet look finishes, to their customers.  For most applications UV provides a look which competes with film lamination, and often exceeds pre-print. 

UV allows converters to differentiate themselves from their competition, add extra value to the finished product and dramatically increase productivity and drive their customer’s branding with attention-grabbing graphics. For most applications UV provides a look which competes with film lamination, and often exceeds pre-print.

Unlike conventional systems that use air to control the UV lamp assembly temperature, JB Machinery uses environmentally-friendly filtered water technology. Air-cooled UV is also an available option for specialized applications.

* Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availability. Request A Quote



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