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SUN Automation Group® is the OEM supplier for all Langston finishing machines and retrofit products.  SUN Automation owns all the Langston intellectual property and has several original Langston employees on staff.  Goettsch is proud to supply SUN Automation Group’s Langston OEM parts, as well as improved parts and upgrades for your Langston equipment to the International Market*.

The Goettsch team is trained to help you find the right equipment and parts for your Langston machines, provide on-going parts and service support, and help you increase profits and reduce downtime.

The SUN Automation and Goettsch rebuild/ReNEW project is not only to replace worn-out parts with superior-performing parts, but also to add technology to the machine that was not available when it was originally built following today’s best electrical practices and safety regulations such as lockout/tag-out.  


SUN ReNEW Retrofits

Original Langston Saturn III  ReNewed Langston Saturn III


Some of SUN Automation’s proven high quality retrofits available for your rebuild / retrofit projects:


SUN Lead Edge Feeder

Original Lead Edge Feeder  Lead Edge Feeder ReNewed with Sun’s Extend-O-Feed®

SUNTrac® Vacuum Transfer

Original Langston Feed Table Motor With Pull Collar Transfer   Feed Table Vacuum Motor Retrofit  SUNTrac Vacuum Transfer Retrofit


Digital Register with the capability of .001 registration adjustment

Original Langston Registers Die Cut and 2 Color Print Registers   ReNewed Die Cut Digital Register, New Print Station and 3-color Digital Harmonic Registers

MicroGrind® Die Cut Accuracy System

Original Langston Lower Drum and Anvil Cover (Operator Adding Silver Duct Tape to Even Out Cover)ReNewed With SUN MicroGrind Die Cut Accuracy System

  • ColorMaster® reverse angle blade ink system
  • Register rebuild assembly with ringfeeder locking assemblies
  • Creaser/Slotter scrap blower
  • Gang adjustment upgrade for folding rails
  • High performance folding belts
  • Counter Ejector heavy duty shock absorber, hydraulics upgrade and powered exit conveyor
  • AC motor/ drive conversion - split drive for press and delivery end
  • Allen Bradley ControLogix 5000 platform upgrade to replace the obsolete PLC5 platform
  • Stainless steel gear guard panels
  • Frame lock conversion upgrade

Original Langston Saturn Langston Saturn ReNewed to a High-Performance Workhorse


SUN Automation ReNew Program – A dedicated program designed to

  • Bring your existing flexo folder gluer back to OEM standards
  • Upgrade your equipment by directly retrofitting state of the art products and upgrades to compete with today’s modern FFG finishing machines
  • Save capital expense by as much as half relative to new equipment using OEM quality assurance
  • For the cost-conscious company looking for their machine to run at maximum speed with precise registration at a fraction of the price of a new machine with the same industry standard warranty

Enhancing Machines with New Performance

With access to all original drawings for Langston, SUN Automation manufactures new parts and can enhance existing machines with modern technology!

  • Add a die cut unit or creaser die cut unit
  • Add a print station
  • Add a pre-creaser unit
  • Add a digital harmonic register

Rebuilding an XD, 380SF, a Titan RDC or Saturn Flexo Folder Gluer can maintain your asset for 15-20 more years and further extend the initial investment!

For more information on Sun Automation’s ReNew Program please contact Goettsch; our knowledgeable team, conversant in multiple languages, is ready to research your specific requirement, design the best solution for your production needs and seamlessly integrate equipment to allow your plant to run at maximum efficiency at the best value!

*Available to specific countries; please consult with Goettsch International for availabilityRequest A Quote

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